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Tough chemicals need HRS’ tough heat exchangers

18 January 2019

HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand F10, CHEMUK 2019

At CHEMUK 2019 Stand F10, HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase its SI Series of multi-tube heat exchangers, which includes a double tubeplate to aid leak detection and prevent cross-contamination between the service fluid and product.

Whether you are processing fine chemicals or treating complex waste streams, every part of the process needs to be reliable, and heat exchangers are no exception. From heating process materials to evaporation during waste treatment processes, HRS Heat Exchangers uses only the toughest materials – such as stainless steel, Teflon and PEEK – and the most robust designs.

HRS’ heat exchangers are designed to be resistant to corrosion and fouling, while operating at a wide range of temperatures. We provide a large range of models for fine chemical processing and solvent recovery, petrochemical and waste treatment, as well as the cleaning and recovery of process water and waste streams.

Our double-tube heat exchangers include the DTI and DTR Series, as well as the multi-tube K and SI Series. The DTR Series features removable tubes for ease of servicing and inspection, while the SI series includes the security of a double tubeplate. With the G Series we are also able to provide cooling and heat recovery for gaseous materials.

Also on display at the event will be HRS’ patented Unicus Series of scraped-surface heat exchangers. Able to deal with the most fouling of substrates, they are also gentle enough to maintain the quality of complex materials. Visitors to HRS’ stand can also find out how this technology is being used in the company’s Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) waste management solution.

Not only does ZLD reduce the costs and environmental issues associated with the disposal of chemicals and process water, but it can reduce water use and, most importantly, recover valuable products such as fine chemicals, catalysts and heavy metals from waste streams, allowing them to be re-used.

Whether you are heating or cooling as part of your process, pre-treating raw materials or cleaning or processing waste streams, high levels of heat transfer, together with the option of heat recovery, mean that heat exchangers from HRS provide efficient, reliable and long lasting operation with relatively low energy use.

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