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5 April 2019

Ultrasonic gas detector, impact-resistant gloves, personal hearing protection, and confined-space body harness selected by independent experts for iF Design, Red Dot and Good Design Best 100 product design competitions

Honeywell announces that several of its industrial safety products were selected as winners in three separate product design awards recently, including the prestigious iF Design, Red Dot and Good Design Best 100 awards. These awards, each of which attracted hundreds of entries and were judged by an international panel of design experts, recognised Honeywell new product designs in multiple categories for their innovative merits; ergonomical, user-centred design; and aesthetic and emotional appeal.

“Honeywell has a long history of innovation, and our global design teams strive to create products that are functional, easy to use, and compelling by partnering with our customers to understand their needs and the environments in which they operate,” said Ravi Adapathya, Head of Experience Design, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions.

Winning products from Honeywell Industrial Safety included:

·     Searchzone Sonik (Red Dot, iF) an ultrasonic gas leak detector that listens from a distance for the sound signature produced by pressurised gas leaks instead of requiring a gas cloud to come in contact with the device. Since sound is unaffected by wind and other environmental conditions that may dilute or divert a gas cloud away, the Searchzone Sonik complements other forms of gas detection to help quickly alert personnel of a potential dangerous event faster.

·     Rig Dog Xtreme (Best 100/Good Design,Red Dot, iF awards), the next generation of impact- and cut-resistant gloves for rugged industry. The ergonomic design was built around end-user needs, which includes increased range of motion, lightweight dexterity with reduced hand fatigue over previous models and high visibility colours that increase low light safety awareness and aid communication gestures between users working in extreme conditions.

·    Verishield (Red Dot, iF Design awards), a new ergonomically designed earmuff created for a global workforce — in other words, constructed to fit a variety of ear and head shapes and satisfy a range of applications. The lightweight design and ‘memory’ foam cushions are optimised for comfort and a more consistently sealed fit that helps maintain noise attenuation capacity.

·     Pikachu (Red Dot Award), a full-body harness designed to protect workers at heights or in confined spaces where electrical arc flash hazards are present. The harness features arc flash resistant materials, electrical insulation properties and a global anthropometric fit.

Honeywell Industrial Safety, part of the company’s Safety and Productivity Solutions group, is an industry leader in safety and personal protective equipment to help organisations manage workplace safety. Its broad product portfolio includes personal protection gear for a worker’s eyes, ears, head and hands, respiratory protection, first responder gear, gas monitoring detectors and fall protection solutions.

For more information, please visit: www.honeywell.com 
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