Sunday 15/9/2019

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Intertronics shares adhesives dispensing expertise

10 April 2019

Intertronics runs seminar at FAST Live 2019

To help the industry better tackle the challenges of technology and manufacturing using adhesives and protective materials, Peter Swanson, Managing Director at adhesives specialist Intertronics, is running a seminar at FAST Live. On Thursday May 9 at 10:30 am in The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, Swanson will provide insights into dispensing technology, process validation and the latest positive displacement and jetting technologies.

Product specialists from Intertronics will also be present on stand 26 to chat through any specific adhesives or dispensing queries and applications that attendees have. On the day, the specialists can talk about any high-performance, high-technology bonding, coating, sealing, encapsulation, potting, masking and gasketing requirements.

“For an adhesive or protective material to function properly, it must be applied in the correct quantity and at the correct location,” explained Swanson. “As requirements for fine tolerances, miniaturisation, quality and speed increase, it becomes even more difficult, particularly when operating at fractions of a millilitre. The challenges can arise for many reasons, for example because materials have multiple parts, difficult rheology or limited working life.

“The session will help delegates to understand how to select dispensing technology, what equipment is available and the advantages and disadvantages of each technique,” added Swanson. “It will also explain process validation and quality assurance and touch on the latest positive displacement and jetting technologies on the market. Ultimately, it will give delegates more information to design robust, consistent and validatable processes in their businesses.”

Swanson has over 25 years’ experience working with adhesives and protective materials in technology manufacturing. He and the rest of the Intertronics team have worked closely with customers to help them develop the appropriate materials and processes for their applications.

Intertronics offers a wide range of materials as well as dispensing equipment and dosing technology. It offers matched curing equipment for its range of UV curing adhesives and protective materials. The company combines its engineering expertise with its products, supplied by industry-leading partners, to deliver adhesive systems that meet the needs of the industry.

FAST Live is the UK’s only specialist fastening, bonding and assembly event for design engineers, production professionals and manufacturers. The event, including the seminar, is free to attend and there are even bacon rolls available to those who pre-register for the talk. If you are interested in attending, visit

For more information, please contact:

Peter Swanson
Unit 17, Station Field Industrial Estate
Banbury Road
Tel:  +44 (0) 1865 842842
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