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High power density, safe motion and unparalleled servo performance: Kollmorgen AKD®2G dual axis servo drive and AKM2G servo motor available from Heason Technology

10 June 2019

Recently announced by Kollmorgen, the leading provider of motion components and systems, and available with full support through UK distribution partner Heason Technology, the dual axis AKD2G servo drive is set to provide up to 30% more torque performance when used with the newly released AKM2G servo motor. This motion system combination delivers maximum automation productivity through industry leading power density, integrated STO safety and superfast servo update rates. The drive's novel modular design includes expandable I/O and expandable memory, multiple choice servo feedback and fieldbus interfacing plus Kollmorgen's unique single-cable technology - offering optimal choice and flexibility for user-specified motion tasks. Time and cost saving benefits include straightforward installation with reduced cabinet footprint through smaller drive/motor selection with the AKM2G - and removal of unnecessary components such as fuses and filters.

The AKD2G servo drive is available in dual-channel 3 and 6 Amp continuous rating versions with a three-fold peak current overload. With its integrated direct-on-line power supply, in a choice of 120/240 or 240/480 VAC, typical motor shaft power is up to 4 + 4 kW. Single axis versions of the AKD2G are also available for up to 12 Amp continuous current (30 Amp peak), offering shaft power to 8 kW. These specifications combine with Kollmorgen's Servo on a ChipTM technology, based on the 800 MHz ARMTM A9 processor, offering maximum production throughput with industry leading current, velocity and position loop update rates of 1.28, 62.5 and 250 microseconds respectively.

The base version of the AKD2G servo drive is supplied with Kollmorgen's Smart Feedback or HiPerFace DSL with a single cable connection for motor power and servo loop feedback. SIL2 dual channel STO is standard and scalable safety options to SIL 3 Safe Motion including brake and feedback are available. With 16 analogue/digital I/O's, removable SD memory card and 160 x 128 pixel graphical display a choice of either EtherCAT® or CANopen® fieldbus interfaces fulfil very tightly controlled or normal levels of axis/machine I/O synchronisation. Where servo motors require separate power and feedback an optional connector takes care of interfacing for EnDat2.2, BiSS 1.0, Analog Sine/Cos encoder as well as incremental encoders or resolvers. An extended I/O variant is available for machine expansion for a total 28 I/O's.

The same I/O expansion connector may also be used as a 'Safe' I/O in combination with another of the functional safety options - EtherCAT® plus drive-integrated Functional Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE). Offering ultimate levels of machine safety in combination with Kollmorgen's Safe Motion Monitor and allowing the drive to interface safely to an FSoE master, additional functions include Safe Dynamic Brake (SBD), and Safe Brake Test (SBT) and more. All these various options fit into the already compact dimensions for each drive power rating.

Kollmorgen's AKM2G Series AC synchronous servo motors are initially available in six frame design sizes with ratings from 0.3 to 10 kW, and continuous torque up to 72 Nm with more sizes in progress. With more than 30% torque over present servo motor designs and with no increase in installed size, the motors also offer a wider speed range and smooth servo performance. For new build machines this means reduced footprints and for retrofit applications, more torque and speed performance that can augment the existing machine's throughput capability. Motor efficiency is also improved for less energy consumption. Whilst for use with the AKD2G servo drive, feedback is preferred with the single cable option, the range is available with a wide choice of alternative feedback system choices making it suitable across Kollmorgen's wide range of servo drives and motion control systems. Brakes, thermal sensors and sealing options ensure maximum application flexibility whilst different winding configurations, mounting and shaft options as well as custom  connector interfacing are also available on request.

Heason Technology is a long-time associate of Kollmorgen with many years' experience integrating its servo components and motion systems into demanding automation projects across industry and research. With its own in-house design and system integration capability, and through similar distribution partnerships with other leading motion equipment suppliers, Heason Technology's capabilities extend from motion component supply to fully automated motion assemblies that include bespoke mechanics and motion controls as sub-systems or complete standalone systems.

For more information, please contact:

Becci Kemp
Heason Technology
Motion Solutions Centre
Spring Copse Business Park
West Sussex
RH13 0SZ
Tel:  +44 (0) 1403 792 317
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