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DuPont Showcases Hoods with Nomex® Nano Flex and Thermal Liners made with Nomex® Nano during PPE Seminar in Geneva, Switzerland

19 June 2019

DuPont Personal Protection, will showcase the latest innovations in firefighter protection at their European Technical Centre, Geneva, during a PPE Seminar.

These innovations made with Nomex®, a leading brand in FR protection include:

• Hoods made with Nomex® Nano Flex: helps prevent firefighters from being exposed to harmful contaminants without sacrificing comfort or breathability – this innovative solution lets air move through while blocking harmful particulates
• Thermal Liners made with Nomex® Nano: reduces bulk and weight of turnout gear without compromising protection and helps reduce heat stress

Nomex® Nano is engineered to be thinner than other advanced flame-resistant (FR) materials used for thermal liners. Providing up to a 40 percent reduction in thermal liner thickness, Nomex® Nano can reduce bulk in turnout gear and offers increased mobility and better range of motion for reduced heat stress without compromising thermal protection.

Nomex® Nano Flex is a highly breathable, FR material with exceptional elasticity and superior particle barrier performance. It can help make products like firefighter hoods more comfortable and more protective.

“Based on the Nomex® brand that has been trusted by firefighters around the world for more than 50 years, Nomex® Nano and Nomex® Nano Flex are not only the next generation of FR solutions from DuPont, they represent the future of turnout gear,” said Alfons Held, Global Market Leader Emergency Response “Nomex® Nano can help reduce heat stress, which now causes more firefighter injuries than any other single factor. And, Nomex® Nano Flex in fire fighter hoods, helps provide improved particle barrier protection in the neckline and upper jaw area that historically are known to be most vulnerable and least protected.”

DuPont™ Nomex® is known worldwide as the leading flame-resistant fiber. More than 4 million firefighters, as well as workers across the manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas industries, and emergency response and armed forces personnel, depend on its thermal protection to help keep them safe. It’s possible for Nomex® fiber to help enable protective apparel to have lower weight at a higher level of protection, breathability for reduced heat stress, and the ability to effectively wick away moisture.

For more information, please visit: www.dupont.com
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