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SICK Goes Flat Out for Sub-miniature Performance

1 October 2019

WITH the launch of its G2 Flat family of photoelectric sensors, SICK has shrunk outstanding performance into a miniature format. The ultra-thin sensors are designed to integrate snugly into small machinery and conveyors, or for tight fits in robotic arms and grippers.

Starting at just 3.5mm thick, the SICK G2 Flat family of proximity and through-beam sensors achieve highly-reliable detection of objects of almost any size, thanks to the unrivalled precision of SICK’s PinPoint visible laser light spot technology, even for jet-black, transparent, mirrored or shiny surfaces.

The SICK G2 Flat photoelectric proximity sensor impresses with unrivalled background suppression capability to detect objects down to 0.1mm in size at distances as small as 8mm. The SICK G2 Flat though-beam sensors present versatile options for machine integration with no risk of cross-talk, when the sensors are arranged closely in arrays.

“The G2 Flat is a response to feedback from our customers that they wanted a high-performance photoelectric sensor at a sub-miniature size,” said David Hannaby, SICK’s UK product manager for presence detection. “The trend to miniaturise machine integration needs to be matched by higher detection performance, even at these extremely low detection ranges.

“Simple machine integration with the ability for easy commissioning and adjustment was just as important. So, SICK’s PinPoint visible LED light spot not only ensures precision detection, but also makes for quick and easy alignment, even at these extremely small tolerances.”

The G2 Flat proximity sensor achieves exceptional detection repeatability in ambient light conditions, thanks to its unrivalled background suppression capability without any significant black/white shift, even where the background surface is near and made from similar materials.  With a choice of fixed sensing ranges of 8 mm, 15 mm and 30 mm, the proximity sensors are sufficiently versatile for machine designers to use in many applications, therefore offering an opportunity to streamline their sensor inventories.

The G2 Flat through-beam sensors also offer detection down to 0.2mm at ranges as low as 40mm. The GSE2 Flat through-beam variant is focused on speedy commissioning and replacement with a bigger light spot for even quicker alignment and colour-coded cables to distinguish easily between sender and receiver.

The SICK G2 Flat sideview has a small, clearly-defined light spot that is optimized for high-performance edge detection in side by side arrays without the risk of interference between the sensors.

With a rugged IP67 VISTAL housing and a choice of robust, steel mounting plates and cable connections, the sensors can be integrated into the tightest of spaces.

For more information, please contact:

Waldkirch House
39 Hedley Road
St Albans
Tel:  01727 831121
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