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Pyroban active gas detection demo at IMHX 2019 shows how to reduce explosion risk

7 October 2019

During IMHX 2019, active gas detection demonstrations from Pyroban® showed those with operations in (or adjacent to) Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres why they might need to rethink their approach to safety.

At the event, from 24th – 27th September at the NEC in Birmingham, Pyroban asked visitors ‘Are you active?’, highlighting the importance of active gas detection on mobile equipment.

“Without gas detection, operators can be ‘blind’ to the presence of potentially explosive gas or vapour when working in Zone 2,” says Rob. “IMHX was a great place to speak to the decision makers who can really make a difference when it comes to improving safety in hazardous areas.”

The live demonstrations included a working system6000™ active gas detection console, which Pyroban’s experts were on hand to activate with an aerosol containing butane gas. Pyroban’s system6000 is a materials handling equipment conversion which can be applied to most makes and types of diesel or electric equipment and combines active gas detection with other specialist explosion protection technologies to help keep people safe in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

“The simple aerosol body spray used in our demo illustrates that explosion protection is needed in a wider range of industries than most people think,” says Rob, explaining that active gas detection is commonly used for safety within the chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings, beverage, waste and logistics industries, among many others.

Live activation of Pyroban’s Gascheka™ active gas detection for ‘safe areas’ was also demonstrated at IMHX. Designated ‘safe areas’ are located adjacent to Zone 2 hazardous areas, so gases could potentially cross over and put people in danger. The Gascheka system alerts people to risk by monitoring the surrounding area of any type of electric, diesel or LPG vehicle, or equipment such as forklifts, cranes, shutters and shrink wrap machines.
“Gascheka can be used with any equipment, of any age, and fitted in less than a day,” says Rob. “It was great to talk to so many OEMs and equipment dealers at IMHX, both those we already work with, and those we can work with in future to help make designated ‘safe areas’ even safer.”

Pyroban also provides materials handling equipment conversions for Zone 1, 21 and 22 applications, which present different explosion risks, and best in class service for customers worldwide that helps keep lifetime costs low.
“We’ve been actively protecting millions of people for five generations and are dedicated to continuing to do so,” says Rob. “We’re already looking forward to the next IMHX event in 2021, as this will play a key part in our mission to help keep people safe in potentially explosive atmospheres in the future.”

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