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Turck Banner – A dab hand in the printing industry

15 October 2019

The dictionary definition of a ‘dab hand’ is a person or persons who are expert at a particular activity and when that activity is industrial automation, then Turck Banner most certainly fits the bill.

Leaders in Sensors, Automation and LED Lighting, Turck Banner is well versed in the requirements of the printing and packaging industries and, by applying their total solutions philosophy, the company is able to offer the following products.

Colour Recognition Sensors

The QCM50 colour sensor provides reliable colour verification across the entire range of the sensor. Even in extremely challenging colour and contrast-based applications the QCM50 has the ability to detect up to 12 colours, saving on inventory costs and enabling faster changeover.
Also available in an anti-glare model to reliably detect reflective targets, the QCM50 offers intuitive configuration with integrated LCD display and on-board buttons. Sensors include IO-Link communication for remote configuration and monitoring.

Vision Sensors

The iVu and iVu Colour image sensors are used to monitor parts for type, size, orientation, shape, location, and colour or colour variations. The device can be set up and monitored using an integrated or remote touchscreen or with a PC.

Vision sensors from Turck Banner offer an all-in-one solution with camera, controller, lens, and light included in a single package. The iVu and iVu Colour image sensors can be configured in minutes using Vision Manager PC software, on-board touchscreen display or by using a remote touchscreen to access hard to reach places. Sensors facilitate parameter changes on the fly, with full run-time editing to reduce costly downtime.

Factory communications are achieved via (EtherNet/IP™, Modbus/TCP, PROFINET®, PCCC and Serial RS-232) for integration on the manufacturing floor.

With compact, rugged, IP67 housing and a variety of integrated ring lights, including red, blue, green, white, infrared or UV, these versatile sensors offer a cost effective solution for many print applications.

Barcode Readers

Laser-based barcode scanners decode 1D linear barcodes such as UPC codes commonly found on consumer goods. Turck Banner offers 1D barcode scanners that provide reliable and fast read rates for traceability in a wide variety of industries.

Imager-based barcode readers reliably read 1D and 2D barcodes in any orientation. Turck Banner offers code reading solutions that can reliably decode difficult-to-read, low quality, and damaged codes, as well as codes printed on highly reflective surfaces.

Barcode reader software, offering an intuitive graphical user interface for programming devices is also available. All versions of the barcode reader software are available to download free of charge.

LED strip lights for hazardous areas

Even though explosive chemicals used in printing have a low likelihood of being present in the immediate vicinity, the inks and solvents used create a Class 1Division 2 hazardous workspace. In such situations the bright HLS27 strip light is a great solution. Proper lighting on these machines is in high demand to ensure high quality inspection and efficient manufacturing processes. Without suitable illumination, operators can’t verify print quality or monitor machine performance.

The HLS27 uses bright LED lights in a sturdy aluminium housing and shatterproof shell that has water-resistant IEC IP66 and IP67 rating, for use in the harsh indoor printing environment. The strip light has a low-profile, space-saving design that conveniently fits into the machine without obstructing the equipment or the view. The slim light installs easily with stainless steel brackets and does not require any additional enclosures. Automatic temperature protection is also built into the unit to manage heat and protect product longevity. If the light reaches above 50°C it will dim to lower the temperature to safe levels.

Eight different length options from 145 mm to 1130 mm give manufacturers more versatility when selecting lighting for use on the machine. Dimming and colour options mean that lights can be selected to meet specific demands.

Machine Safety

Whilst offering a range of products to aid production in the printing and packaging industry, the importance of machine safety has not been overlooked.

Turck Banner offers a full range of machine safety products for personnel protection including – Safety Light Curtains, Safety Controllers and Relays and state-of-the-art RFID Safety Switches for monitoring doors, gates, and other movable physical guards that separate personnel from a hazard.

When it comes to industrial automation Turck Banner are able to provide a total solution for all leading industry sectors and the printing and packaging industry is no exception.

So, does the expression ‘A dab hand’ have any connection to the printing industry?

It certainly does. It is believed to be an old printing term for the mushroom shaped tool called a dab that the ink was applied to. The dab would then be repeatedly worked onto the letters until all of them were covered in ink in readiness for printing. If there was an even coverage of ink the person who applied the ink was thus a dab hand.

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Turck Banner Ltd
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