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27 November 2019

Rodless Actuators have now been added to the IMI Norgren ELION electric actuators range from IMI Precision Engineering. With faster linear speeds and longer travel distances, the IMI Norgren ELION Rodless Actuator delivers operational benefits including precise and repeatable control, easier installation and reduced total cost of ownership.

Suitable for all industrial automation applications, the rodless solution comes with both toothbelt and ball screw options, offering specification flexibility according to application need.

Both the toothbelt and ball screw options provide a space saving solution which also lowers energy consumption, increases accuracy and load capability.

In addition, the IMI Norgren ELION Rodless Actuator provides optional IO-Link connectivity via a range of external position sensors, meaning data is passed to and from the actuators indicating machine productivity and highlighting any performance irregularities to engineers to aid preventative maintenance strategies.


The lighter weight rodless toothbelt actuator provides both fast acceleration and highly dynamic control with speeds up to 10m/s. With a choice of gearboxes, different speed ranges can be selected. For applications requiring a long travel distance, the IMI Norgren ELION Rodless Actuator is available in strokes up to 5.5m in length with a highly repeatable and accurate motion. To aid installation flexibility the motor and gear box can be mounted in two positions and the motor rotated on its axis.

Ball screw

Operational benefits delivered by the ball screw option include highly accurate and repeatable positioning of +/- 0.05mm, as well as high load capability and a wide choice of ball screw pitches and motor sizes.

The IMI Norgren ELION Rodless Actuator portfolio is supported with a range of high quality servo motors and drives to enable engineers to configure the entire actuator system from a single source. Easily installed with all control systems, the drive can allow complex motion profiles to be programmed, while the servo motor offers multiple positioning solutions.

An intuitive, easy-to-use online configuration tool gives engineers the flexibility to specify the correct actuator for the application. This offers configuration using product attributes such as size, stroke and mountings; or application attributes such as distance, load, speed or lifetime.

Simon Gass, Product Marketing Manager for IMI Precision Engineering, says: “The introduction of the IMI Norgren ELION Rodless Actuator enhances our comprehensive actuator portfolio. Customers can select from the toothbelt and ball screw options to take advantage of space saving benefits, as well as quicker acceleration speeds, high accuracy levels and, where required, longer travel distances up to five and a half metres. The availability of IO-Link sensors ensures the rodless solution can help drive data to support performance monitoring and ongoing maintenance purposes.”

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