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ABB's new performance optimization service for long product rolling mills improves predictability with data-driven decisions and expert remote support

15 January 2020

Advanced digital service for bar, wire rod, blooming and other long product rolling mills combines data analytics solution with continuous data monitoring and real-time remote support

ABB has launched its Performance Optimization Service for long product rolling mills, an advanced service powered by ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills, a digital solution which applies process-specific analysis to large volumes of complex data. This helps metals producers to achieve unprecedented levels of yield, quality and productivity, with remote monitoring and support via ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centers. 

ABB’s Performance Optimization Service for long product rolling mills allows operations to be monitored around the clock from ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centers, where experts alert designated onsite staff to process deviations and disturbances and advise on corrective action, supporting faster, more data-driven decisions that will enhance process performance. To facilitate continuous improvement, ABB utilizes process insights to generate regular reports identifying focus areas and recommended actions. Enterprise-level integration provides insights across multiple mills, enabling users to identify and analyze trends that could impact performance at several sites.

The solution at the core of this service - ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills - integrates with ABB Ability™ Data Analytics Platform for metals and is able to collect high frequency data in real-time from data acquisition systems, such as Iba or over other industry standard communication protocols, and analyze the performance of the mill with process-specific algorithms. It uses the data to detect deviations, identify their root cause and determine trends, benchmarks and other performance factors including predicting and preventing faults before they affect production. Data is collected in real-time, stored securely onsite at the customer’s premises using the ABB Historian server, and visualized for designated users in intuitive, customizable dashboards.

“We’ve combined a number of powerful performance optimization tools into one complete performance optimization service,” said Nilabja Ash, Product Manager, Profile Mills for ABB’s Metals business. “Our Performance Optimization Service for long product rolling mills allows metals customers to leverage the full force of ABB’s extensive process control and technology expertise to continuously improve their operations. Our solution, ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product mills, employs profile mill-specific algorithms developed using ABB’s extensive know-how in long product rolling, targeting only the most relevant of process parameters to deliver analysis that’s meaningful and insights that help improve current mill performance. Real-time, continuous monitoring and remote support via the ABB Collaboration Center ensures that our customers have access to the process expertise that is key to unlocking greater levels of productivity, quality and yield in long product rolling mills”.

The digital technology at the core of this service is also available as a stand-alone solution called ABB Ability™ Data Analytics for long product rolling mills. Fully scalable, it will continue to develop in line with need and insights over time and offers seamless integration with ABB process control and data integration systems. System maintenance and updates from ABB ensure smooth, reliable operation.

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