Thursday 6/8/2020

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New ARI Update: ZEDOX® – The New High Performance Valve

16 January 2020

ARI-Armaturen is delighted to present for the first time a double-offset, metallic sealing high performance valve – ZEDOX®. A durable, energy-efficient valve with perfect handling, it represents the economic alternative along with reliable tightness for high requirement applications. Together with the successfully established triple-offset process valve:
ZETRIX® and the standard butterfly valves: ZESA®, GESA® and ZIVA®, ARI-Armaturen is able to provide a more comprehensive butterfly valve portfolio.

In contrast to centric butterfly valves, the double-offset sealing principle of the new ZEDOX® reduces the angle of the disc when it enters into contact with the seat sealing ring which relieves the metallic sealing when opening. With a streamlined bearing and shape of the valve disc, ZEDOX® is able to offer higher energy efficiency in addition to a longer service life as a result of reduced contact pressure and minimised friction, therefore allowing protection of the seat sealing ring against negative medium flow influences.

Offering high functional safety even at challenging requirements, ZEDOX® is reliably tight at temperatures from -40°C up to +260°C (max. +400°C with specially designed models), for pressure classes PN 10 - PN 40 plus ANSI Class 150.

ZEDOX® accomplishes leakage rate A acc. to EN12266, API 598 (bi-directional) and soft sealing or alternative metallic-sealing with leakage rate B (optional rate A); with the blowout proof shaft providing extra safety. The ZEDOX® pressure/temperature rating follows company standard and EN 1092. The high performance valve can be easily automated, when replacing the gearbox, through pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic actuators (actuation interface acc. ISO 5211).

Available in butt-weld ends (DN 200 - DN 1600), double flanged (DN 200 - DN 1200) or wafer (DN 80 - DN 800), with PN 10 - PN 40 as well as Class 150. The ZEDOX® can be made in either cast carbon steel or cast stainless steel however, different versions and materials are available on request. This makes the ZEDOX® extremely versatile and suitable for use in various applications involving fluids, steam, gases and vapours.

This addition of the new ZEDOX® fills the gap within ARI-Armaturen’s range of existing soft sealing butterfly valves and the triple-offset process valve, completing our portfolio and enabling customers to benefit from our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach:

- ZETRIX® - the process valve: available in butt-weld ends, double flanged and fully lug-type versions up to Class 600, PN 63 and PN 100 and from DN 80 - DN 600.
- ZEDOX® - the high performance butterfly valve: available in butt-weld ends, double flanged and wafer-type versions up to PN 40 and DN 80 - DN 800 (DN 1600).
- ZESA®, GESA®, ZIVA® - the eco-centric butterfly valves: available in lug and wafer-type versions up to PN 16 and DN 25 - DN 500.

For more information, please contact:

ARI Armaturen UK Ltd
Energy House
Formal Industrial Park
Northway Lane
GL20 8GY
Tel:  +44 (0)1684 275752
Fax:  +44 (0)1684 275627
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