Thursday 27/2/2020

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Lontra Launches £6m High Value Global Services Business in Sheffield

17 January 2020

Part of a £70-million investment proposal between UK Industry and Government

Lontra, a world pioneer in advanced engineering technologies, is today announcing a £6 million new high value services business near Sheffield in partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). This follows the recent opening of the new Blade Compressor® Factory in Napton, Warwickshire.

The new facility at Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre will take service models to the next level. The 10-demonstrator machines, funded by the LEP, will use advanced artificial intelligence techniques and sensoring systems to allow Lontra’s customer’s machines to be controlled and monitored globally. Each machine forms a hub for complete care asset management for process systems throughout the factory. This reduces maintenance costs, unscheduled outages and reduces energy bills for customers.

Steve Lindsey, CEO, Lontra said: “This is the start of an ambitious programme to build our digital services business globally. This new and exciting opportunity will generate ongoing jobs and revenues from the export of manufactured goods. These jobs can be anywhere and it makes sense to put them in places like Sheffield where there are an abundance of skilled workers. This forms part of a wider drive to use digital technology to enhance productivity and improve the efficiency of the UK manufacturing sector.”

James Muir, Chairman of the Sheffield LEP said: “Steve is a well-known entrepreneur and we welcome his significant high value manufacturing business to Sheffield. Lontra will be joining other high value manufacturers on our park including Rolls-Royce, Boeing and McLaren.”

Lontra is working towards a collaborative UK Industry and Government £70-million investment proposal to expand its research, development, manufacturing and assembly capability further in The Midlands and The North, developing 1000’s of high value jobs and careers. Currently 80% of Lontra’s rapidly growing manufacturing and services products can be exported from the UK to key markets including the US and UAE.

The Lontra Blade Compressor® is the first clean-sheet compressor design in over 80 years and can be used across many sectors such as aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical manufacture and water treatment. It is proven to be 21% more efficient than the next competitor, offering incredible energy savings along with big improvements in reliability.

Phillip Cartwright, CIO, Lontra said: “Steve Lindsey's invention joins the ranks of other brilliantly simple inventions that defied decades of conventional wisdom. Thinking "outside the box" often requires more than just a flash of brilliance and hard work: it requires the fortitude to defy the nay-sayers and prevail against long-entrenched engineering prejudices.”

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