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14 April 2020

The Popular Excelon® Plus Air Preparation range from Norgren has been expanded to introduce a ¼ inch port size option.

Developed to help customers’ machines run at the optimum efficiency for the longest possible time with the lowest lifecycle costs, the Norgren Excelon® Plus 82 series offers machine builders the following three main advantages:

Increased choice and system flexibility

Available as standalone and modular assembly for filter, regulator and lubrication (FRL) combinations, the 82 series offers 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch port options and complements, the now well proven, Excelon® Plus existing 84 series, with its 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch port size options.

Lightweight and compact

The Excelon® Plus 1/4 inch delivers a compact and light-weight solution, meaning it is ideal for applications where space is limited. Furthermore, its modular design means installation time is reduced.

One-stop shop

The introduction of the 1/4 inch port size means Norgren now offers a true one-stop shop to manufacturers for all their individual FRL requirements. In addition, the range is also compatible with the Excelon® Plus accessory range including porting blocks, mounting clamps, pressure switches and the modular Quickclamp system.

David Whelan, Global FRL Product Director at Norgren, said: “The Excelon® Plus range has proven extremely popular with manufacturers looking for an air preparation solution which delivers increased performance, installation flexibility and safety features. That’s why we’ve introduced the 1/4 inch port size option to give greater choice.

“Yet, our commitment to new product development doesn’t stop here. As requirements for digital connectivity increase, we will soon be introducing IIOT connectivity for the 1/2 inch port size FRL as well.

“Later in the year, we also plan to introduce two new additions for both the 82 & 84 series, a 3/2 dump and a 3/2 soft start/dump valve in the Excelon® Plus range. Featuring increased flow performance, these too can be standalone in installation or be added to the FRL set on a machine. The soft start option allows downstream pressure to gradually increase on initial start-up, before fully opening to deliver line pressure. The dump function allows the system to be exhausted quickly when required, particularly in situations such as an emergency stop, which supports designers and machine builders in conforming to machinery directives.”

The Excelon® Plus range comes standard with a variety of features, including:

A lockable rotating safety shut-off valve for easy isolation without a reduction in performance
A unique double lock mechanism on the bowls
Tamper proof knob on the regulator and filter/regulator
Flush mounted integrated gauge that is easy to read
Easy filter maintenance system (element is removed with the bowl for faster, cleaner servicing)
Class 8 water extraction according to ISO8573 standard.

Manufacturers are also able to create tailored air preparation assemblies using the leading online configurator. The tool combines filters, regulators and lubricators in unique configurations of up to five units with ability to specify exact flow and size requirements.

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