Monday 13/7/2020

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Stepping Towards Automation with norelem’s expanded Stepper Motors Range

2 June 2020

norelem, the global standard components specialist, has boosted its range of stepper motors, with the three most popular sizes NEMA 17, NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 now available to order online.

With Industry 4.0 well underway, norelem’s new stepper motors enable a wide range of applications to be automated. Whether its rotating robotic arms, automating milling machinery, or moving and sorting parts on production lines, engineers and manufacturers can use the components for a variety of processes.

The new motors are highly precise, efficient and maintenance-free, making them economical and cost-effective. They are fitted with all the typical operating modes of regular positioning systems and control, including automatic setup, referencing, parameter and program input.
Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, said, “We know that automation is key to many processes and to driving efficiency in engineering and manufacturing. This is why we’ve added the three most common stepper motor sizes to our range.

“Adaptable to almost any control system, our standardised products can be integrated into new and legacy machinery. We’ve made them easy to integrate too, with software for the motors downloadable straight from the norelem website, and different interfaces for the components, such as Profibus and CAN, available in the range.”

All of norelem’s stepper motors are quiet and provide low-resonance running without step losses. They also enable a constantly controllable operation with self-monitoring of the system and voltage monitoring of the output stage.

The components are also designed to withstand harsh environmental settings. All motors are equipped with a robust EMC (electromagnetically compatible) housing and are rated to IP64 for dust and water protection. They can operate in an ambient temperature of up to 50° C without forced ventilation.
The flange dimensions of the stepper motors are 42 mm (NEMA 17), 57 mm (NEMA 23) and 86 mm (NEMA 34). The retention torques of the various models range from 0.43 Nm to 8.4 Nm. The step angle is 1.8° for all models.

The stepper motors are controlled via braided cables, and engineers can easily program the stepper motors via PC or laptop. They are designed for a control voltage of 24 to 36 V DC and have 2 output ports and 6 input ports. Connection cables, SMPS's, interface converters and 1-stage gear drives are available as accessories. All stepper motors are suitable for continuous operation.

Engineers can find the stepper motors along with the available sizes and versions from norelem’s product reference catalogue THE BIG GREEN BOOK. Alternatively, the components can be ordered direct from norelem’s webshop.

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