Monday 27/3/2017

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16/06/2016 - HRS Heat Exchangers - Heat: The forgotten element of Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic digestion (AD) produces many valuable and useful products, including biogas (which can then be turned into heat, electricity or biomethane gas) and digestate, a biofertiliser rich in nutrients and organic matter. However, many farm AD plants also produce incidental heat, which can be captured and used within the AD process or for other on-site operations.
25/04/2016 - Educating the benefits of automation to food manufacturers – as they face short retail contracts
Winning a large retail contract is a coup for any food manufacturer. However, supermarket price wars and changing food presentations to gain and maintain the interest of consumers, means that many manufacturers are being squeezed out of the market.
08/03/2016 - Automation stepping stones - SME’s jump on the automation bandwagon with Endoline’s simple pointers
It’s official; SME’s in the UK are on the up with growth and start up business rates returning to pre-crisis levels. Considered the back bone of the economy SME’s contribute a staggering £1.2 trillion to the UK each year.* Now, in the face of a national living wage, coupled with the growth of affordable systems, SME’s are beginning to take a leap of faith into the fast paced world of automation.
04/01/2016 - Managing by Exception - getting it right
President Obama famously said, "you'll see I wear only grey or blue suits. I'm trying to pare down decisions. I don't want to make decisions about what I'm eating or wearing because I have too many other decisions to make." In a world filled with information overload, the technology we use constantly asks us to make decisions.
14/12/2015 - A Look Back at SCADA Security in 2015, by Deborah Galea, manager, OPSWAT
It should come as no surprise that Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that control key functions in critical infrastructure are especially at risk of cyber attack. If saboteurs manage to compromise critical infrastructure services, a country’s economy and military defenses can be severely hampered. In addition, since organisations that operate critical infrastructure often own valuable intellectual property, this information can be a target for foreign state actors trying to steal intellectual property to advance their economies or to win competitive bids.
30/11/2015 - Protecting oil and gas industry from email threats
According to a recent report from the US Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT), the energy sector, including oil and gas, is facing a significant rise in cyber attacks. There are a number of reasons that this industry is an ideal target for attack: Oil and gas pipelines are part of a country’s critical infrastructure, and they are an ideal target for those looking to cause disruptions in critical services for political or military motives.
27/10/2015 - Top scientists show that environmental benefits of shale gas have been underestimated
In a new report The Facts About Fugitive Methane, published by the Centre for Policy Studies on Monday 26 October, Richard Muller, Professor of Physics at the University of California, reveals that previous estimates of methane leakage in shale gas production have been seriously over-estimated.
20/10/2015 - LOOKING PAST SYSTEM COST - Xylem highlights the importance of looking past system cost when investing in new equipment
When businesses are investing in new equipment, it can often be tempting to opt for equipment with the lowest purchase price as a way of saving costs. However, not considering the future operating cost of the equipment before investing, can mean that such immediate cost savings can prove to be a false economy.
23/09/2015 - Energy efficiency – it’s a journey, not a destination
The UK Government has for many years used a carrot and stick approach to promote energy efficiency in companies and other organisations by introducing legislation and offering tax breaks or other incentives. Here Jeremy Shinton, Product Manager – Business Solutions at Mitsubishi Electric, looks at some of the current initiatives
02/09/2015 - Danfoss: Solutions ready to meet global water challenges
Lack of water and climate change are among the top 5 global risks, according to the World Economic Forum. However, pioneering solutions that can help meet both challenges are ready to be replicated.
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