Sunday 23/2/2020

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15/03/2011 - Accurate Measurement of Shaft Speed
Measuring or controlling the speed of most rotating shafts is straightforward but significant problems can arise as soon as we start to talk about accuracy. Mark Howard from Zettlex Ltd. examines the issues involved and suggests some simple solutions to longstanding problems.
21/02/2011 - Measuring Position or Speed in Harsh Environments
Harsh environments come in many forms but their common feature is that they place heavy demands on control equipment. The failure of position or speed sensors in the field can have a massive technical or commercial impact. If you are the engineer that specified the sensors in the first place, sensor failure might also have an impact on your career. So how do you make sure your sensors won’t let you down when the going gets tough? Mark Howard from Zettlex Ltd. examines the options.
13/01/2011 - Custom versus Standard Sensors
Why do some engineers choose custom sensors and others standard ‘off-the-shelf’ versions? Often the right choice is not straightforward. Mark Howard from Zettlex Ltd examines the pros & cons of custom versus standard position sensors and explains why new technology is changing the rules.
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