Monday 21/4/2014

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13/03/2013 - Do you know your arc-seconds from your gradians?
Angle sensors are generally rated and, just as importantly, priced according to their measurement performance. But performance is stated in a variety of ways and some manufacturers confuse matters by using crafty ‘spec-manship’. Mark Howard of Zettlex explains some of the terminology and provides an explanation of how to specify an angle sensor that is right for your application.
Safe Machine Ltd., a new machinery safety consultancy, has been launched to help address the difficulties UK manufacturers are experiencing in the field of machinery safety and in particular CE marking.
20/02/2013 - Understanding ingress protection techniques in electrical enclosures
One of the most critical factors in deciding which electrical enclosure or junction box should be used to protect your electrical systems and their connections is its IP rating. No matter where the housing will be located, you need to be sure that it will be able to withstand any hostilities its environment may throw at it. But how many people actually know how these IP ratings are achieved and, most importantly, the ways in which they can be compromised during installation.
18/02/2013 - How to reduce process control costs by managing sensors and transducers more effectively
The first areas that instinctively spring to mind when a process professional is challenged to reduce process control costs are usually purchase cost and installation. Why not? They are the obvious ones and they are the easiest to define and list, when viewed as part of a system however, purchase cost plays only a small part; managing the multiple signals from sensors and transducers differently can radically affect the total cost of ownership for that process system...
12/02/2013 - The design, installation, calibration and ongoing maintenance of process weighing systems
Process weighing plays a vital role across a broad spectrum of industries and, given the current difficult economic climate, there is an increased focus on reliability, performance and accuracy. Weightron Bilanciai’s Sales Director Emlyn Roberts reviews key issues relating to the design, installation, calibration and ongoing maintenance of process weighing systems. An overview of legislative requirements is also discussed.
06/02/2013 - Understanding the need to boost security defences in the UK energy sector
Calum MacLeod, EMEA Director with Enterprise Key and Certificate Management (EKCM) specialist Venafi, explains why there is a pressing need to implement robust encryption key and digital certificate management on national energy grids…
04/02/2013 - A guide to material selection for rolling bearings
By offering a wide choice of materials and heat treatments for rolling bearings, performance and operating life can be optimised, even for the most demanding industrial applications, says Dr Steve Lacey, Engineering Manager at Schaeffler UK.
25/01/2013 - The missing link?
Leaf chain – used on the masts of forklift trucks –withstands the full load exerted on it via the forks and carriage arrangement and is a safety critical component.
23/01/2013 - Millions of Devices Can’t Be Wrong
The market for industrial networking is now over 20 years old, and has changed beyond recognition since the early days. However, its development has confounded the conventional economic theory: far from the expected rationalisation, we have more networks and protocols than ever according to David Folley of HMS Industrial Networks.
16/01/2013 - The fundamental principles of: Stepper Motors
Stepper motors are very often the best solution for positioning applications, being low cost and straightforward. But they are not a universal panacea and there are other positioning motor options too. Here Gerard Bush of INMOCO explains their basic operating principles and considers their technical strengths and weaknesses. In a subsequent article he will look at advanced control.
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