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Measuring torque accurately, particularly in rotating shafts, can often be challenging, but new technology is providing a better solution, says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology.
08/07/2013 - Direct versus Indirect measurement of shaft angle
As a rule, it’s preferable to measure directly the position or speed of the object that you are interested in. In many cases, practical problems of physical environment or limited space mean that this can be a challenge, particularly when measuring the angle of shafts with a diameter greater than a couple of inches. The traditional approach is to measure angular position or speed indirectly – typically inferring the shaft’s position from measurements made elsewhere. Mark Howard of Zettlex Ltd describes the traditional approach and a new, direct approach enabled by inductive sensors.
01/07/2013 - Non-Destructive Testing - how far should you go?
Every day millions of components are produced around the world to help build everything from a simple toy to fighter jets. For every manufacturer involved in the process, a decision must be made on how to test the component to ensure it meets the design criteria. For the vast majority, batch inspection and testing is sufficient, however, where high precision engineering is involved the testing must be exhaustive and comprehensive. Components for aerospace, motorsport, medical devices and other ultra critical areas are required to be tested to an extremely high standard.
24/06/2013 - Valves – when to repair or replace?
When it comes to process, pilot and actuation valves, the question of whether it is advisable to repair or replace a worn or intermittent unit is worth considering, regardless of the type or the size.
18/06/2013 - Applying Offline Tools To Reduce On-Site Control Implementation Effort
Productivity tools and work process changes to expedite advanced control projects

Ken Allsford, Bhaskar Iyer and Aric Tomlins, Honeywell Process Solutions

The Practitioner’s Challenge

Process control engineers are always challenged to be more effective to successfully commission new advanced regulatory control strategies and multivariable control applications. To address the challenge, the practitioner needs to continuously improve and apply understanding of both control technology in general and the process technology specifics relevant to each control project. This article discusses some of the newer productivity tools and work process approaches that are now becoming more widely deployed.
11/06/2013 - Compressed air technology today is more economical than it has ever been
With innovation it is possible to save energy and further exploit the advantages of proven technology

Compressed air technology provides indispensable services – in the modern day, people no longer think of industry and technology without it. It is compressed air technology which enables the filling of widespread PET bottles with compressed air, and compressed air helps in the purification of water in sewage treatment facilities. However, the economic and energy efficiency factors of compressed air as a working fluid are common topics of criticism. Compressed air technology expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. P. Weiß, of the Amberg-Weiden university of applied sciences, has conceded. “In the past, it was the efficacy which most came to the fore […] not the expenditure / benefit ratio”. Climate protection and energy conversion have called for people to revise their thinking. “The focus is now on efficiency.” As it is, economic and scientific fields have for a long time pursued new examples whereby proven technology goes hand in hand with innovation. The common aims are clearly outlined: continuous improvement of the energy efficiency of compressed air, and to make compressed air technology sustainable. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Weiß is convinced of it: “When one makes use of the full potential, compressed air as used in operations is indeed a form of rational energy usage of the future; when it is used correctly there is no need for anyone to shy away from making comparisons!
03/06/2013 - TÜV Rheinland certified, Machine & Process Safety support
With legislation constantly adapting to technological advances, safety has become a moving target for manufacturers, equipment/machinery suppliers and system integrators. Keeping the latest national and international legislation firmly in your sights can be a real challenge. David Reade, Business Development Consultant, at Rockwell Automation discusses how competent suppliers and integrators can support their customers and add real value.
03/06/2013 - Electric heating is cheaper and more controllable
Everyone knows that the unit price per kilowatt hour of gas is cheaper than that of electricity, but the gap has been closing over the years. Despite the lower cost of gas, electric heating is making big inroads into the ovens and furnaces market – a market once dominated by gas heating.
Increased competitive pressures, tighter margins and rising energy costs are forcing manufacturers to alter their methods of operation. At the same time, new ways of managing energy consumption and quality through sophisticated power monitoring tools have emerged – providing the information that companies need to be able to take action to reduce energy usage. In short, effective energy management is no longer an option; it is a strategic business necessity. Mark Staples, food and beverage segment manager for Industry at Schneider Electric highlights the approach to integrated energy management.
30/04/2013 - Flexible measurement of motor speed
Non-contacting – reliable – rugged – upgradeable

As the exclusive UK distributor for Contelec, Variohm EuroSensor presents the following application note on motor speed measurement:
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