Sunday 20/10/2019

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Daily News - Hazardous Area Equipment
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17/10/2019 - Why it’s important to be looking at plastic packaging alternatives
By James Woollard, (pictured) Managing Director of Polythene UK

Here in the UK – and globally – we are facing a climate crisis on an unprecedented scale.
16/10/2019 - The best worldwide performers in health, safety or environmental management are named
British Safety Council announces the winners of the 2019 Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour awards

The British Safety Council has announced the winners of this year’s Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour awards for the exemplary management of health, safety and environmental risks by businesses around the world.
14/10/2019 - British Safety Council calls on employers to safeguard their workforce’s mental health and to invest in workplace wellbeing
The British Safety Council is calling on the government and businesses to invest in prevention to tackle mental ill-health at work.

Lawrence Waterman, Chairman of the British Safety Council, said: “There is growing awareness of the scale of the mental health crisis.
11/10/2019 - Mates in Mind calls on industry leaders and government to take immediate action to improve workplace mental health
Mates in Mind calls on industry leaders and government to take immediate action to improve workplace mental health.

A recent survey conducted by UK Construction Week, with support from Mates in Mind charity, has found that six out of 10 workers in construction have suffered mental ill-health because of their work.
10/10/2019 - Optical Gas Imaging for the Automotive Industry
Optical gas imaging cameras are a proven technology to detect dangerous and costly gas leaks. Optical gas imaging technology has been successfully applied in the oil refining, chemical, petrochemical and many other industries to help improve worker safety and prevent costly production shutdowns.
08/10/2019 - Fluke industrial DMM Special Offer includes FREE current clamp plus SureGrip Kit
Until 31st December 2019 and while stocks last, Fluke is offering the Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter, which provides accurate measurements on variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other electrically noisy equipment, together with a FREE i410 AC/DC current clamp and free Fluke L215 SureGrip™ Kit which includes a probe light and probe extenders.
08/10/2019 - Millers Oils explains: Hydraulic oil oxidation
Oxidation, or the chemical union of oil and oxygen, is one of the primary causes of decreasing the stability of hydraulic fluids. Here Millers Oils – one of the UK’s leading oil blenders - explains what oil oxidation means, how to spot it and highlights some preventative measures that will help reduce the impact of oxidation should it occur.
07/10/2019 - Pyroban active gas detection demo at IMHX 2019 shows how to reduce explosion risk
During IMHX 2019, active gas detection demonstrations from Pyroban® showed those with operations in (or adjacent to) Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres why they might need to rethink their approach to safety.
04/10/2019 - Reeling in the opportunities of recycled fishing nets
Recently, statistics have indicated that the maritime environment is polluted by a certain type of plastic product: fishing nets.  More than 46% of the waste in maritime litter is represented by fishing nets.
30/09/2019 - Millers Oils explains the importance of oil sampling for preventative maintenance
As an oil blender, Millers Oils formulates, blends and supplies products for many different applications across all sectors. Each batch of oil is QC tested to ensure it meets or exceeds requirements, allowing us to guarantee our oil is the high quality needed to support and enhance our customers’ processes.
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