Thursday 17/10/2019

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Product Focus
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Morgan Advanced Materials has announced that it now has the capability to manufacture defect-free lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramic products in wall thicknesses as low as 50 µm.
12/06/2015 - Wanner International - Hydra-Cell G25 and G35 Pumps available with Tri-Clamp fittings
Wanner International has added Hydra-Cell G25 and G35 pumps to its list of models available in 316L stainless steel, with Tri-Clamp ferrules and polished internals, for sanitary applications.
11/06/2015 - Biodiesel and Conical Chemical Mix Tanks
Enduramaxx produces a range of chemical storage tanks ideal for a number of storage and processing uses and that includes for the formulation and safe storage of biodiesel.
11/06/2015 - Scan system control board with Ethernet interface for simpler industrial connectivity
As the leading OEM supplier of scan systems, SCANLAB AG is adding an Ethernet-based product to its proven lineup of RTC controller boards. The new board allows laser-marking-system producers in particular to profit from significantly lowered manufacturing costs for individual workstations, while also providing users with straightforward industrial connectivity.
10/06/2015 - Encoders are Smart and Reliable
INMOCO has added the MicroE Veratus™ Series to its range of rotary and linear encoders.

As a major new advancement in MicroE's encoder technology, the Veratus™ Series Encoders use the company's new VeraPath™ technology, and deliver the reliability, signal stability, and dirt immunity required in precision industrial applications in the smallest package size in their class.
10/06/2015 - New Fluke dual-range Pressure Calibrator for gas custody transfer measurements in intrinsically safe environments
Fluke has introduced a new ‘Ex’ Dual Range Pressure Calibrator for use in classified environments, offering ranges, accuracies and capabilities that make it ideal for gas custody transfer measurements.
10/06/2015 - Morgan Advanced Materials launches new HD Series brick range
Morgan Advanced Materials has added a new type of insulating fire brick (IFB) - the JM™-HD (High-density) series - to its acclaimed range.

Based on slinger technology, the bricks are made from Kaolin and high purity alumina which react together to form Mullite during the firing process, where temperatures can reach in excess of 1400°C.
10/06/2015 - Brevini can design full solutions for materials handling systems
Fully integrated drive systems – mechanical and hydraulic – offer many benefits in terms of easier procurement, improved performance and ease of maintenance. Increasingly, plant engineers and OEMs are adopting a systems approach rather than buying individual transmission components and building their own drives, says Dave Brown of Brevini UK.
10/06/2015 - New Beyond™ Drive™ from Kennametal Increases Performance and Improves Wear Identification
New improvements mean much better edge utilization and many more parts per edge, Beyond Drive from Kennametal comes in a range of grades and geometries. All feature a bronze TiOCN top coating that increases wear resistance and is an effective wear indicator.
10/06/2015 - New optical micrometer with HTML5 interface is smartphone-compatible
The optoCONTROL 2520 high performance, self-contained optical laser micrometer from Micro-Epsilon has been upgraded with several new features that simplify user set up and configuration.
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