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Product Focus
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11/11/2015 - Hanovia Launches PureLine UVEO UV Systems Specially Optimised for Food and Beverage Applications
Hanovia’s PureLine Ultraviolet Energy Optimised (UVEO) medium pressure UV system uses up to 60% less power than conventional UV systems with just a single UV lamp. This delivers a guaranteed, consistent UV dose with reduced life cycle costs for the food, beverage and brewing industries.
11/11/2015 - Closures: Why you should always have the conversation
GD Engineering, an SPX FLOW brand, is well known in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for its market-leading Bandlock™2 Quick Opening Closures. What may be less well known is its expert engineering capability to produce solutions for a wide range of applications requiring quick and safe access to pressure vessels, including their latest designs for 90 inch diameter and above size closures, very high temperature solutions and integral flanged closures that can be easily retrofitted to existing installations.
11/11/2015 - M&J Valve M-303 Slab Gate Valve: Assured safety and reliability for the Oil and Gas Industry
Built to API-6D standards, SPX FLOW’s M&J Valve M-303 Slab Gate Valve is a well-proven, innovative solution that delivers versatility and assured safety to the oil and gas industry.
11/11/2015 - Pumping Efficiency and Safety in Compact Packages that can Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Diaphragm pumps offer accurate, virtually leak-free performance that makes them ideal for use with hazardous or aggressive fluids. They have also been shown to have lower operational costs compared with equivalent plunger pump installations, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership in many applications.
11/11/2015 - LumaSense PULSAR 4 for Condition Based Monitoring of Petrochemical Combustion Vessels
LumaSense Technologies, Inc.® introduced its next generation petrochemical infrared sensor, the PULSAR 4 for optimization of Sulfur recovery processes. With installations at over 550 petrochemical facilities world-wide, the PULSAR 4 is LumaSense’s latest addition to its E2T line of petrochemical infrared sensors.
11/11/2015 - Powerful Ethernet switch connects automation and office networks
•  Scalance XR526-8C with high device performance of up to 44 Gbps
•  Compact design and a high degree of flexibility with regard to connections
•  High availability resulting from redundant power supply
•  Layer 3 switching for high-performance plant networks
•  Simple diagnostics and configuration via network management systems

Siemens has now added the Scalance XR526-8C to its portfolio of powerful Ethernet switches of the XR-500 product line.
11/11/2015 - RS Components introduces highly versatile Robox professional-quality 3D printer for rapid prototyping applications
Easy-to-use and competitively priced Robox 3D printer comes with replaceable head delivering potential for complete micro-manufacturing solution

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, has announced the availability of the first 3D printer from CEL: the Robox offers professional-quality specifications and exceptional print speed with future-proofing adaptability that is unprecedented in the rapidly developing 3D printer market.
11/11/2015 - New fast-curing adhesive bonds polypropylene and polyethylene
There is an increasing demand for a fast-curing structural adhesive capable of providing robust direct adhesion to low surface energy plastics. L&L A-K540 from Intertronics is a new, innovative structural adhesive.
New rolled bearings range from Bowman International offers outstanding capabilities and longer life

Bowman International has launched the new BowMet® range of rolled bearings, billed as the biggest advance in plain sliding bearings in more than 70 years.
10/11/2015 - High Definition Infrared Camera sets new benchmark
FLIR Systems announces the new FLIR 1030sc High Definition (HD) Longwave Infrared (LW-IR) camera featuring the industry's highest resolution.

Designed to help researchers and scientists tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges the FLIR 1030sc delivers outstanding thermal sensitivity, clarity and high-speed streaming.
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