Thursday 21/8/2014

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Product Focus
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11/08/2014 - New Blackfly® USB3 Vision™ CCD Camera Family Provides Easy Interface Transition
Point Grey, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-performance digital cameras, today announced the introduction of the Blackfly® USB3 Vision™ camera family, an extension to the existing compact and low-cost Blackfly GigE Vision® PoE product line.
11/08/2014 - Threaded long-travel test probe
Peak Test Services has added a new threaded long-travel probe to its comprehensive range of spring-contact test probes for contacting printed-circuit boards in automatic test systems.
11/08/2014 - Where space is tight: Speed and position feedback at shallow installation depth
The new bearingless encoders MIR 10 by Baumer are the products to choose for position and speed feedback in limited installation space. Operating on non-contact magnetic sensing with up to 4096 ppr, the encoders are wearfree and provide virtually unlimited service life.
11/08/2014 - PEPPERL+FUCHS FACTORY AUTOMATION, Cold Store Scanner with Intelligent Heating
Can be used universally from chilled to warm conditionsImage: The compact cold store scanner VB14N-T from Pepperl+Fuchs operates at temperatures from -35 °C to +45 °C

Difficult ambient conditions sometimes exist during the processing, transportation, and identification of products, such as large below-zero temperatures.
04/08/2014 - Enduramaxx launch 6000, 7000 and 8000 litre conical tanks with open top
Enduramaxx has added 3 new sizes of cone tanks to its range of cone bottom tanks - the 6000 litre (60 degree cone), 7000 litre (60 degree cone) and the 8000 litre (60 degree cone).
04/08/2014 - Rittal’s new Adaptor for RiLine60
Rittal’s RiLine60, a fully shielded flexible busbar system with a wide range of busbar adaptors, has been extended to include a new OM adaptor ideally suited for the control panel manufacturer.
Xoptix Limited have developed ceramic lined components for their in-line particles sizer, increasing the longevity of components, when process sampling of abrasives such as minerals cement and silica.
30/07/2014 - Intelligent design of new generation IP68 solutions
When talking about enclosure quality, IP68 certification is the Holy Grail. IP68 enclosures are able to protect against water ingress even when fully submerged, making them ideal for applications in extremely harsh environments.
30/07/2014 - New and improved igus chainflex cables
Energy chain and cable specialist igus has expanded and improved its chainflex CF211 and CF111.D series of measuring cables developed for dynamic equipment applications. The cables feature an enhanced core and shield structure that offers a much longer service life and makes them easier to install, reducing assembly times by as much as 30%.
30/07/2014 - Process automation in drinking water treatment and wastewater purification applications
Phoenix Contact has created the Waterworx function block library which is specifically tailored to the requirements of water management. This block library is designed to simplify the automation of processes and systems in water and wastewater treatment by using sector-specific yet standardized blocks in the PC Worx automation software.
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