Tuesday 22/10/2019

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When a standard clamp meter just won?t fit, Martindale Electric, pioneers in electrical safety, has the solution with the new CM100 Flexible Current Meter, capable of getting to those difficult to reach places and providing instant measurement.
10/09/2013 - Charlie Sorbo, Level Product Manager for Gems Sensors and Controls, looks at the how new technology and the need to boost efficiency has driven the development of level measurement components.
In many industrial and process applications, level measurement is a fundamental requirement. As a result, the demands of OEMs and end users alike have driven the designers and engineers behind level sensors to provide components that offer increased reliability, lower maintenance costs and far greater levels of precision.
10/09/2013 - CoroDrill® 870 Exchangeable-tip drill now even available for stainless steel
From October 1st, the recently launched CoroDrill 870 for steel and cast iron drilling will now even be available for stainless steel. The CoroDrill 870 is part of a new generation of exchangeable-tip drills and is designed to save time and reduce hole costs.
10/09/2013 - Single LNB regulator IC offers higher switching frequency and lower supply current in satellite receiver applications
The new A8304 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is the latest member of a family of single low-noise block regulator (LNBR) ICs for satellite receiver applications.
The new device is a monolithic linear and switching voltage regulator which is specifically designed to provide the power and interface signals to an LNB down-converter via coaxial cable.
Protecting pipelines from the damaging effects of corrosion is an essential requirement for many offshore or onshore oil and gas installations, where if left unchecked can cause leakage, failure and in extreme cases, result in expensive shutdown.
09/09/2013 - Outdoor version of HARTING’s Han-Yellock® industrial connector
HARTING has introduced an outdoor version of its innovative Han-Yellock® industrial connector system featuring specially selected materials and a surface structure designed to withstand salt mist and industrial exhaust gases as well as ultraviolet radiation.
09/09/2013 - Active redundancy for high system availability
The Quint Oring active redundancy module for an output current of 80 A is a new addition to the Phoenix Contact¹s line that already includes 20 A and 40 A models. For the first time ever, there is a solution available that makes it possible to significantly increase the operational reliability of the overall redundant power supply concept for high-rated power PSUs.
09/09/2013 - New Systec SP (Speed Performance) fast cycling packaging injection moulding machine
The new Systec SP (Speed Performance) 280, with a clamping force of 2,800kN, is designed for injection moulded packaging, boasting fast cycling speeds and low running costs making it ideal for budget conscious, high volume plastic manufacturers.
09/09/2013 - Fast and dynamic industrial 3D plant design with MPDS4 version 5.2
CAD Schroer introduces more intelligent routing tools and data exchange options with latest release of the catalog-driven large-scale plant and factory design suite

Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – 5 September 2013: Version 5.
09/09/2013 - New Wireless Noncontact Displacement Sensors Use Eddy-Current Technology
St. Paul, MN USA, September 5, 2013

Wireless capabilities have now been brought to precision noncontact displacement sensors by Lion Precision. The company has adapted its high-performance eddy-current sensors to use a wireless interface for measurement data.
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