Friday 7/8/2020

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Product Focus
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13/01/2014 - Robust alternative to electromechanical switchgear
Inductive sensors are a suitable alternative to electromechanical position switches, as well as to magnet switches. The steute business division Extreme provides machine and plant engineers with a range of inductive sensors which are very robust and suitable for use in adverse environments.
13/01/2014 - Final Specification for ISA100.11a Device Integration Released
The Fieldbus Foundation has released the final specification for integration of ISA100.11a wireless field devices into its FOUNDATION™ for Remote Operations Management (ROM) technology.
13/01/2014 - Flowrox Announces New Technology to Manage Pipeline Scaling
Flowrox, a global leader in heavy-duty industrial valve manufacturing and service, is introducing the Flowrox Scaling Watch, a new product designed for the precise measurement of scale in pipelines and other fluid control environments.
13/01/2014 - Point Grey's Latest Grasshopper3 USB3 Vision Camera is First to Feature Sony Global Shutter CMOS Technology
Point Grey, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-performance digital cameras, today announced the addition of a new 2.3 megapixel global shutter CMOS model to its Grasshopper3 family of USB3 Vision cameras.
13/01/2014 - Hydra-Cell Pumps Shear Sensitive Liquids
Pumping shear sensitive materials can be problematical. Shear helps non-Newtonian fluids flow but too much shear can cause temporary or even irrevocable damage. Hydra-Cell diaphragm pumps from Wanner International are claimed to impose only low levels of tangential stress on the pumped fluid making them ideal for pumping a wide range of shear sensitive materials such as polymers, paints, coatings, dyes, inks, latex solutions and technical suspensions.
13/01/2014 - Phoseon Firefly high performance UV LED System now from Intertronics
The Phoseon Firefly™ is a high performance air cooled UV LED curing system now available from Intertronics as part of their LED adhesives and curing package. The Phoseon Firefly™ is a range are of compact solid state UV devices that provide high power output – in the 4W/cm2 to 8W/cm2 range with approximately 80% power and heat savings compared with mercury based lamps.
13/01/2014 - Success principle flexibility: photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors with the same design
The story of the new performance class continues to be written. With the U500 sensor, Baumer now expands the portfolio of NextGen sensors to include ultrasonic technology.
10/01/2014 - Agilent Technologies Introduces New External Valve Oven for Gas Chromatograph
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the availability of the Agilent Large Valve Oven for the 7890B gas chromatograph (GC) system
10/01/2014 - igus multiple-axis joints now being used in a host of robotic applications
robolink®, from polymer specialist igus, is a state-of the-art range of articulated modules that have been integrated into a variety of robotic applications. Thanks to its unique light weight, maintenance and corrosion-free properties, robolink is proving ideal for a wide range of humanoid robotic systems, from underwater vehicle operations to explosive equipment handling, and even sophisticated camera booms.
09/01/2014 - Innovative New NET-BOX Wall Mount Enclosures From OKW
OKW has launched NET-BOX – a sleek new range of innovative wall mount enclosures for control and data applications.

These modern and attractive enclosures feature an inset cable connection panel – hiding unsightly connectors under the removable front lid.
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