Monday 3/8/2020

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Product Focus
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Where industrial applications demand the highest levels of safety and reliability process control systems need to be able to withstand the effects of the most challenging potential threats.
02/06/2011 - PIX MUSCLE HP-MF Belts
Ultimate Strength....with Green credentials

PIX’s overwhelming desire to be at the “cutting edge” in this field has culminated in the launch of the MUSCLE range of belts.
02/06/2011 - Leuze electronic’s Easy light guards just got easier !
Leuze electronic’s MLD light guards have been a great success because they combine high performance with simple installation – There are no DIP switches to set and there is no PC connection, because setup is totally defined by the installation wiring to the M12 plugs.
02/06/2011 - Reference force transducers up to 5 MN
Darmstadt – HBM has launched its C18 reference force transducers with a nominal force range of up to 5 MN. Reference transducers are used to calibrate force measurement transducers by comparing results against a defined standard.
02/06/2011 - UNF threads ensure suitability of U10 force transducers for more applications
Darmstadt – HBM has extended the flexibility of its U10 force transducers with the U10S version which has UNF standard threads for mechanical connection.

UNF thread diameters and pitches – which are specified in inches – are standard throughout industry in Great Britain and the USA and are widely used in other areas.
02/06/2011 - New Hollow-Shaft Right Angle Helical Gear Drives from SI Feature Built-In Keyway Design
New Hyde Park, NY; June 2011) -- A new series of hollow-shaft right angle helical gear drives from Sterling Instrument (SI) (ISO 9001:2000+AS9100B Registered Manufacturer) feature built-in keyways plus left or right hand rotation.
02/06/2011 - LED backlight driver IC for medium and large displays
- Ideal for LED backlit LCD monitors and televisions

Now available from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a new multi-output WLED/RGB driver for backlighting LCD monitors and televisions.
02/06/2011 - UMC3000: 100 % Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Sensor
Washdown-immune sensor meets IP68/69k requirements

The new UMC3000 raises ultrasonic sensor performance in harsh environments to a whole new level. The unit ́s seamless, 100 % stainless steel housing and chemically resistant cable system enable ultrasonic monitoring and control in areas previously considered impossible to solve.
01/06/2011 - Drive data duplicated in seconds
Memory Module Copier from Lenze makes commissioning faster

Lenze’s new memory Module Copier (MMC) helps to make commissioning and servicing easy. With the MMC, the programming data for the 8400 Inverter Drives and 9400 Servo Drives as well as for smd and SMV inverters can be copied to other modules very simply.
01/06/2011 - Positioning - the balance between performance and economy
Inverter drives step into servo territory

The need for positioning is common in a wide range of machinery, for example lifting, rotary tables, conveyors, gates and doors.
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