Friday 20/4/2018

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Product Focus - Solids Handling
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11/04/2018 - RS Components introduces new offline flyback switcher chips that deliver 94% efficiency for power supplies
Targeting compact power units, InnoSwitch 3 family from Power Integrations cuts power losses by 25%

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc
20/03/2018 - Heater Module for Flow Chemistry Glass Static Mixer Chips
Uniqsis announces HotChip™ - a new standalone heater module that provides precise temperature control of flow chemistry glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors.

The Uniqsis range of chemically-resistant borosilicate glass chip reactor blocks can be used as static mixers to ensure effective mixing before a coil reactor or to perform fast exothermic experiments such as nitration’s or bromination’s where reaction times are often less than 1 minute.
14/03/2018 - Tsubaki innovations on attachment chain
Attachment chain is one of the unsung heroes of the industrial world, being critical to the movement of a diverse range of products along the production line. From the food and beverage sector to pharmaceuticals, and from packaging to automotive parts production, attachment chain is critical to the efficiency and reliability of the production line.
14/03/2018 - RS Components introduces new flush-mount pushbuttons for modern control panel design
New range of Harmony pushbuttons and buzzers from Schneider Electric features modern designs and provides improved plastic robustness

RS Components
13/03/2018 - RS Components announces major expansion of board and panel-mounted switch portfolio from C&K
Wide range of electromechanical switches and pushbuttons deliver high reliability and excellent value in full spectrum of industrial applications

RS Components
12/03/2018 - RS Components adds high-vibration aluminium capacitors from Vishay
Surface mount and radial devices deliver stable, reliable options for automotive and industrial applications

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc
05/03/2018 - Tsubaki colour-coded chain wear indicator cuts unexpected breakdowns
New wear indicators are now available from Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. for both BS (British Standard RF06B to RS16B) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute RS35 to RS80) chain.
27/02/2018 - RS Components introduces class-leading function/arbitrary generators for test and design engineers
Launch of TGF3000 series marks 40th anniversary of business relationship between RS and Aim-TTi

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc
26/02/2018 - RS Components introduces light curtains for higher levels of safety in industrial production environments
New range of Allen-Bradley safety light curtains from Rockwell Automation uses patented transceiver technology that allows each unit to function as a transmitter or receiver

RS Components
20/02/2018 - Tsubaki ‘Match and Tag’ for high accuracy in paired chain
Machine designs often call for chains to be used in pairs or other multiples, in which case they must be of exactly the same length. To meet this need Tsubaki is able to supply pre-stretched chains in matched-length pairs – and greater multiples - matched and tagged for easy identification and installation.
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