Thursday 6/8/2020

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Product Focus - Hazardous Area Equipment
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07/08/2020 - Smart Camera Box for video surveillance
The Smart Camera Box from Phoenix Contact connects PoE devices with Ethernet networks. As an example, IP cameras can therefore be connected to a video server.

At the same time, the all-in-one device replaces modular control cabinet solutions.
07/08/2020 - RS Components enhances its industrial workplace safety offering with the addition of Clifford & Snell’s sounders and beacons
Warning and hazard signalling improve workplace safety across all factory and production line applications

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers, has announced the introduction of the Clifford & Snell brand from Moflash Signalling, a leader in the design and development of audible and visual signalling products.
05/08/2020 - RS Components stocks full range of Eaton compact contactors enabling up to 40% space savings
DILMT contactor from Eaton’s Moeller offer a flexible, easy-to-integrate solution for machine builders

RS Components (RS), a trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers, is now stocking Eaton’s complete Moeller series of compact DILMT contactors.
05/08/2020 - Narrow protection for sensitive measurements
The TERMITRAB complete product family of overvoltage devices from Phoenix Contact has now been extended with the new TTC-6P-4 protective device for sensitive four-conductor measurements.
05/08/2020 - Configuration, not programming: Process visualisation made easy
Instruct, review and document with DEPRAG Operator Guidance

In almost any production environment, there are small, inconspicuous sources of error. All manufacturers dread the appearance of such errors in their assembly, because they can have such far-reaching consequences.
04/08/2020 - RS Components introduces high-spec, low-cost oscilloscope for industry and education
Tektronix TBS2000 upgrade delivers 200MHz bandwidth, up to 2 gigasamples/second

RS Components (RS), a trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers, has introduced the Tektronix TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope, aimed at industrial design and maintenance engineers and the educational sector.
03/08/2020 - Yokogawa introduces improved optical sensor modules offering lower uncertainty and a wider power range
AQ2200 optical sensor is offered in both single channel and dual channel modules for a wide range of optical measuring applications

Yokogawa is launching new, more capable versions of its AQ2200 optical sensor modules.
29/07/2020 - ETW Energietechnik expands biogas plant to regenerative storage power plant
Flex operation secures surcharge and option for longer compensation

In Wehrbleck in Lower Saxony, the company ETW Energietechnik from Moers expanded an agricultural biogas plant into a regenerative storage power plant in 2019.
28/07/2020 - FLIR Systems Releases Occupancy Management Solution for Brickstream 3D Gen2 People Counting System
Organizations can Automate Capacity Counting for High Foot-Traffic Spaces to Maintain Social Distancing Compliance

FLIR Systems, Inc. has announced availability of the FLIR Occupancy Management Solution for FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen2 to automate occupancy counting within high-traffic and capacity-limited areas.
22/07/2020 - IoT-capable energy measuring devices
The new EMpro energy measuring device product family from Phoenix Contact is now paving the way for the “Internet of Things”.

The energy data can be integrated into local networks with just a few simple commands from any browser through the integrated REST interface.
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