Wednesday 29/1/2020

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Case Studies
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Leeds based corrosion protection and engineering services specialist- Corroserve was contracted to protect the internal surfaces of a newly manufactured mild steel chimney prior to it being installed at a bio-methane plant on Teesside. The 1.2m diameter chimney was in three sections – 30m in all.
14/01/2020 - Keyence UK, Instant High-Precision Measurement System Cuts Inspection Time for Presspahn
Specialist engineering solutions provider Presspahn built a reputation for supplying a range of industries with materials and components for electrical insulation, thermal insulation and mica-based insulation. The company has remained ahead of the market by adopting modern manufacturing techniques driven by innovation, precision and consistency backed by low costs and minimal lead times.
14/01/2020 - Mark Roberts Motion Control source hexapod positioning system from Heason Technology
Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon Company, is an award winning designer and manufacturer of motion control hardware and software widely used in the film, television and professional photography industries. Its extensive range of camera robot solutions enable high speed, pixel accurate and highly repeatable compound movement that is essential in enabling technology for the special effects and visual imagery we all enjoy today.
10/01/2020 - Bauer TorqueControl4.0 converts 130-year old technology into a smart drive
The squirrel cage asynchronous motor was invented in 1889; 130 years later it is still one of the most frequently used electric motor designs for standard industrial applications. Bauer’s TorqueControl4.0 converts a passive asynchronous geared motor into a smart drive, communicating valuable data via IO-Link. By integrating geared motors into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), operators can benefit from greater precision, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.
08/01/2020 - Switch to NSK bearings on steelmaker´s milling machine saves €35,600 per annum
After experiencing ongoing problems with the bearings on a vital milling machine at a steel plant, the management team turned to NSK for a solution. This decision proved to be extremely lucrative, with the steel mill now enjoying annual savings of €35,600.
08/01/2020 - Optidrive precision motor control creates the perfect cut for meat slicer manufacturer
The speed and precision of automated commercial cold meat slicing and packing machines has to be accurate and efficient to minimise wastage and maximise profitability. Commercial food production equipment manufacturer Jet Maq, based in Brazil, is using Invertek Drives Optidrive E3 to ensure its Jetcut cold meat slicing machines are doing just that for its customers.
07/01/2020 - Innovation on the Isle of Sheppey
A new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Kent, which converts food and agricultural waste from the county into biogas and electricity, has been connected to the national grid.
03/01/2020 - Automotive manufacturers double conveyor chain service life with Tsubaki
The automotive production line is a high-pressure environment, where downtime costs thousands of pounds a minute. Despite the sky-high costs of poor reliability, many manufacturers are still specifying the chain that drives their conveyors as a commodity product – basing buying decisions on price rather than performance. In many cases such a strategy is a false economy as the correctly specified chain may last many times longer than the budget option and also improve the efficiency of the production line.
23/12/2019 - Brillopak’s UniPaker handles 66 million kilos of spuds a year for Morrisons
Morrisons fresh produce depot in Rushden, Northamptonshire has installed two automated Brillopak crate loading potato cells, UniPaker, taking productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. Capable of orientating packs quicker than any human being, the robot arms “never miss a beat,” exclaims site manager Andy Day.
18/12/2019 - VFD increases precision and speed of food packaging sealer for Latin American manufacturer
A manufacturer of food packaging and sealing solutions is helping its customers increase productivity while reducing packaging costs and wastage with the introduction of Optidrive variable frequency drive (VFD) technology.
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