Wednesday 26/2/2020

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News / PR for Allegro Microsystems Europe Ltd
18/02/2020 - Allegro launches custom SOIC16W package ideal for power dense hybrid and electric vehicles and solar applications
20/11/2019 - Allegro MicroSystems launches first magnetic gear tooth sensor IC designed for traction motors
19/11/2019 - Low EMI DC/DC regulator helps engineers meet ever-tightening OEM standards
07/05/2019 - Allegro announces new coreless current sensor IC at PCIM Europe
17/04/2019 - New automotive grade current sensor IC improves safety and efficiency, reduces BOM
27/03/2019 - Hall-effect switch and latch ICs with integrated self-test enhance ADAS safety
20/03/2019 - Highest speed and accuracy to date in Allegro’s newest current sensor IC
17/05/2017 - New sensors and power ICs from Allegro MicroSystems Europe
26/11/2014 - Precision Hall-effect angle sensor ICs - Designed for demanding automotive and industrial applications
21/10/2014 - Multi-output boost converter LED driver ICs with fault-tolerant protection
30/09/2014 - Allegro’s new A1366 combines extremely low noise with high resolution
10/09/2014 - Dual LNB regulator IC for satellite receiver systems
01/09/2014 - AC current sensor IC with differential output and galvanic isolation
12/08/2014 - Current sensor ICs feature high accuracy and internal isolation
08/07/2014 - Two-wire wheel-speed sensor IC with integrated capacitor
02/06/2014 - New sensor products from Allegro
28/05/2014 - Automotive 3-phase MOSFET driver IC with built-in isolation
14/05/2014 - Automotive buck regulator IC with wide input voltage range and low standby current
30/04/2014 - Allegro introduces dual-output differential speed and directional sensor IC
15/04/2014 - Dual synchronous low-voltage buck regulator IC combines flexibility and robustness

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