Monday 20/1/2020

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News / PR for Fluke
08/01/2020 - New Fluke thermal imaging camera
28/11/2019 - Fluke Industrial Multimeter Service Kits offer over 15% savings
22/11/2019 - Fluke offers extensive troubleshooting advice for motors and drives
05/11/2019 - New Fluke industrial Digital Multimeter for extreme operating conditions
15/10/2019 - New Fluke industrial thermal imaging camera
08/10/2019 - Fluke industrial DMM Special Offer includes FREE current clamp plus SureGrip Kit
18/09/2019 - Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter now available with a FREE TLK225-1 SureGrip™ Master Accessory Set
17/07/2019 - New Fluke Electrical Measurement Window offers added safety and reduced testing time when taking power quality measurements
25/06/2019 - Revamped Fluke industrial thermal imager line packs more premium features into every model
19/06/2019 - The new Fluke Pocket Thermal Imager offers troubleshooting power in your pocket
14/05/2019 - Fluke offers a free electrical DMM with a Fluke Connect-enabled Clamp Meter as part of its Spring Specials Campaign
08/05/2019 - The new Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager pinpoints compressed air leaks in minutes to reduce utility bills and maximise productivity
01/04/2019 - Fluke makes predictive maintenance simple, safe and fast through wireless condition monitoring solutions
19/03/2019 - Fluke has introduced a new series of rugged, high-accuracy laser levels
12/03/2019 - Fluke offers a DMM Safety Bundle with a 35%+ saving as part of its Spring Specials Campaign
12/02/2019 - Fluke 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Testers with free T6 Electrical Tester and data management software
06/02/2019 - Fluke offers Infrared Camera at a special price plus a free Temperature Humidity Meter
24/01/2019 - Fluke Power and Energy Logger includes training package and free accessories
20/11/2018 - FREE Fluke Clamp Meter with a Fluke Insulation Tester
14/11/2018 - New Fluke mA Loop Valve Tester speeds assessments of HART smart control valves with built-in tests that ensure quick, reliable results

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