Saturday 4/7/2020

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News / PR for Heason Technology Ltd
16/06/2020 - Heason, Kollmorgen announce obsolescence of Servostar 400 Series servo drives
14/01/2020 - Mark Roberts Motion Control source hexapod positioning system from Heason Technology
07/10/2019 - Redefining the kilogram as the Unit of Mass: Heason Technology´s vacuum compatible and non-magnetic motion system is updated for continuing research
24/07/2019 - Allied Motion´s EPS power steering system provide all-in-one solution for steer-by-wire storage and retrieval vehicles
02/07/2019 - Cost and time efficient linear motion: Thomson MLA series hybrid stepper motor actuators available from Heason Technology
10/06/2019 - High power density, safe motion and unparalleled servo performance: Kollmorgen AKD®2G dual axis servo drive and AKM2G servo motor available from Heason Technology
27/03/2019 - Building block components for affordable linear motion systems
05/03/2019 - Thomson Linear´s Electrak® HD series linear actuators offer advantages over fluidpower cylinders - now with 60% extended load rating
20/11/2018 - Elmo Motion Control doubles the power for miniature servo drive range
12/09/2018 - Decentralised EtherCAT motion system offers machine cost and build time benefits
31/07/2018 - Heason Technology and Mecelec Design agree ‘Build Partner’ alliance for superior automation solutions
08/05/2018 - Heason Technology delivers EtherCAT motion solution for Swift TG´s novel WindSurf Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
21/03/2018 - Heason Technology at FoodEx,: Motion system demo’s, decentralised motion control, washdown motors and motion components
27/02/2018 - Heason, Higher torque-to-inertia ratio for precision gear unit system: Spinea’s new generation TwinSpin® G series high precision gear reducer offers substantial dynamic performance increase
08/01/2018 - Heason, Sophisticated servo control now with easier integration
10/10/2017 - Heason Technology at the Engineering Design Show
22/08/2017 - Heason Technology at DSEI 12th- 15th September 2017 – ExCel -London, Stand S3-102
15/08/2017 - Ansible Motion choose Heason Technology for motion control partner
01/08/2017 - Mid-range motion solution with PLC: Kollmorgen’s PCMM provides high performance multi-axis motion and machine control with EtherCAT
26/04/2017 - Heason Technology designs and builds custom motion systems for beamline physics

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