Thursday 27/2/2020

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News / PR for EPSRC
16/07/2019 - ‘The Next Leap Forward’ – Four Quantum Technologies Hubs to lead UK’s research drive
13/06/2019 - Wind tunnel tests could help kites become a clean energy high-flier
01/05/2019 - New research to explore technology needed for peer-to-peer ‘free trade’ in excess energy
12/02/2019 - UK Steel, Pharmaceutical and Transport manufacturing will be future-ready thanks to research boost
04/02/2019 - Seventy five Centres for Doctoral Training announced by UKRI to develop the skills needed for UK prosperity
19/11/2018 - Newton Prize winners to use Mathematics to restore power to the people
09/11/2018 - New Quantum Technologies funding boosts sector as annual showcase opens
09/10/2018 - EPSRC announces further £14 million to keep UK Catalysis Hub sparking
24/09/2018 - New Hub to drive vaccine discovery, development and manufacturing revolution
30/07/2018 - EPSRC announces £16 million investment in Supergen Energy Hubs and Solar Network
26/06/2018 - New projects to harness UK’s Digital Manufacturing potential
19/06/2018 - Science Minister announces £20 million Plastics Research and Innovation Fund to turn the tide on plastics production
21/05/2018 - ACHILLES programme makes plans for more resilient infrastructure
16/05/2018 - EPSRC announces £20 million investment in NMR equipment
28/03/2018 - New UK Centre for Research on Energy Demand announced by EPSRC and ESRC
17/01/2018 - Dozens of projects announced as EPSRC welcomes Year of Engineering
27/12/2017 - UK scientists to prevent the global spread of new diseases
07/12/2017 - Private investment in Cavendish Laboratory secures next phase of new research facility in the UK
10/11/2017 - Break-through robotics and AI projects funded through Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
17/10/2017 - No dark side to using LED lights to supplement WiFi, research reveals

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